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Avon Clearskin Pore Penetrating Black Mineral Mask

Hey Guys!

Last week I had a ME day and decided to take my off day and pamper myself. These off days of mine I usually use to run errands or do some shopping or cleaning as I work weekends too (bleh!). It was nice for once to just relax, play around with some of my beauty products and just chill.

One of the products I used was the Avon Clearskin Pore Penetrating Black Mineral Mask. What a mouthful damn! I love me a good mask. I feel like it gives my skin this deep cleanse that normal face wash doesn’t always provide.  When I have the time I usually slap one on.


Apply the mask with an old foundation brush

When I first saw this mask it seemed that it was made with all my skin concerns in mind. I have very oily skin and get the odd pimple now and then and also have a few blemishes from popping pimples in the past. Bad I know. I also have quite a few tiny blackheads on my nose.This mask includes salicylic acid which is good for combating acne. So I was pretty happy about that. I apply it with my Avon foundation brush as it’s just less messy and also ensures even distribution of product. Immediately after applying you feel a cooling sensation. The mask goes on dark grey and when it is dry and ready to be rinsed off it turns light grey. On your face you will notice tiny little darker spots and this shows where the blackheads are or any clogged pores. Your face feels pretty tight once the mask dries down. Rinse with lukewarm water and make sure to moisturize afterwards as your skin can feel stripped.


You can see the mask drying around my mouth and the tip of my nose

Do I think that the masks works?? For me I would say yes and no. The reason I say yes is that after I use it I can most definitely say that my skin feels clean and fresh. It also feels much more softer. The reason I say no is that I don’t really feel like it unclogs my pores. These pesky little blackheads won’t budge at all.

Would I repurchase the mask?? Not just yet. I feel that there’s so much affordable masks on the market that I would give those ones a try before going back to this one. A tip would be to purchase the flat sachets at your local Clicks or Dischem if you don’t want to buy a whole tube and that way you can try more than one at a time. You get heat masks, sheet masks, mud masks, peel off masks, there’s just so many you can try and it’s not that expensive.

Some of the masks on the market. These are from Montagne Jeunesse which are available at Clicks and Dischem


That’s it from me for today. Do you guys have any affordable suggestions to help with my blackheads? Leave a comment below and don’t forget to like and follow my blog.

Till Next Time

Hugs and Kisses



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