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Join Me On My Journey

Hey Guys!

How are we all doing today? I am super stoked! My blog is one month old today! Whoop Whoop! Yes it’s a small milestone but a milestone nonetheless. Happy Days!

I have decided that I need to update my wardrobe and just bring about some changes, not just in my wardrobe but also in my life. Let me tell you now that if you should pass me in the street you will not be able to guess that I’m into makeup and fashion. I am very plain. I dress for comfort. I dress in clothing I have managed to find that actually fits me. Sometimes these clothes are so plain and boring but I’m forced to wear it coz they fit. Sad but true. I also do not wear makeup everyday but when I do then darling! this face is beat!

In my July Wishlist I told you guys that I needed to get myself a new pair of jeans. So off I went to the local JET Store in pursuit of the perfect pair of jeans to add to my new wardrobe. The awesome thing was that they are super affordable and they had my size! Yay me! The not so awesome part is that they only had skinny leg and straight cut jeans! Woe is me! Now if you followed my blog you would know that I suffer from lymphoedema which I wrote about here and my legs are extremely swollen. Skinny jeans are just not going to work for me. Why JET! Why!

Now I’m forced to go to other stores where I will be paying double. Yes I’m looking at you Donna Claire! And what does that mean? I’ll tell you what it means! Less makeup for next month! Nightmare I tell you.

But dramatics aside. Like I was saying… I have to update my wardrobe so that people can start taking me seriously and with that I also need to keep living a healthy lifestyle.

Which brings me to what this post is actually about.

I weigh 159.3kgs. I am what they call morbidly obese. I prefer curvy/curvaceous/big beautiful woman. And Thank You!

When you pair my weight and the fact that I have lymphoedema, it’s a pretty uncomfortable situation. A situation I don’t plan on being stuck in for the rest of my life. I first started my weight loss journey on the 11th of May 2017. I weighed in at a whopping 167.1kgs, so if you do the calculations it means I have lost a total of 7.8kgs. It should have been more but for the past couple of weeks I have been off the wagon 😦

TODAY I start afresh. And I’m starting with the world wide web as my audience. You may ask why I would put it all out there? Make myself open to judgments, scrutiny and maybe even negativity. Well I’ve decided that perhaps putting it out there will force me to not give up and not give in that easily to temptation because I know BIG BROTHER will be watching lol!.

Which brings me to Banting. Banting is HUGE in South Africa. Basically it’s a low carb/ high fat lifestyle (we don’t use the D word here). It has proven to be successful and I’ve seen lots of success stories. If you’re not sure how eating breakfasts of bacon and eggs with cream in my coffee will help me lose weight then check out Nita’s blog here.

This is something I need to do and something I will achieve. I will share my progress, my victories, everything with you. I will also share some low carb recipes and keep you up to date with my weight loss.

This was taken a while ago but I’m posting it to give you an idea of my body shape. Aaand! Don’t pretend that ya’ll haven’t ever taken a selfie in the offices toilets! lol!


So yeah… I’m hoping that you will join me on my journey. Keep them fingers crossed and root for me. This will not be easy but I know I can do it.

Till Next Time

Hugs and Kisses



7 thoughts on “Join Me On My Journey

  1. Very inspiring! I’ll be here cheering you on. I also need to make this change…. I was morbidly obese a few years ago. Started weight training…lost 30kgs and my body changed so much! It seemed like I had lost so much more due to the weight training. Sadly I have REGAINED EVERY SINGLE KG plus some. I have been wanting to write a post on it, but it’s so embarrassing….. all my hard work down the drain.

    My plan is to start again…soon….ish…like this week…or next. Oh procrastination…..


  2. Hi. I’m Lauren from All About that Bass. I just read your post. I too, am trying to get into this Banting lifestyle. I’ve toyed around with it. And actually lost. But the thing I love most is how healthy I feel while I’m Banting. So I was hoping maybe we could get in touch. Maybe even motivate each other. I’m morbidly obese too. I guess it doesn’t help that I’m a shorty as well. Weighing in at 115kgs and 161cm tall or short lol. So yeah. Lemme know what you think of my idea. Great Blog btw. Stay beautiful. Lauren xxx


    1. Hi Lauren!
      I know exactly who you are 🙂 I’ve been following your blog for quite a while and am a super fan.
      I would love if we could motivate each other. Honestly I have been slacking and need to get back on track.
      I’m so glad you like my blog.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Awesome!!! Thank you soooo much. I’m so glad you’d like to get in touch. It’s always nice to meet ppl with like minds. My no is 0823892014 if you wanna add me on WhatsApp. I love supporting my fellow sisters. Much love xxx


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