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{Hairspiration} The Lob

Hey Guys!

I hope you all are doing fabulous. I’m all about change. I’m on this buzz where I just want to be trying new things, make changes in my life, be a better me. And with a new me I thought I needed a change in my hair.

New Hair = New Me. Right?

So I have long curly hair which reaches my lower back. It takes me 2 hours to do my own hair! 2 hours! I love my long hair but I hate doingย it myself and salons charge me a fortune because of the length. My hair hasn’t always been this long and I went through a couple of phases, such as the layered bob with the flicks (which unfortunately is captured on my ID photo), the shoulder length, the different colours and then the time I cut my hair into a pixie style. #hugemistake.

I was honestly traumatized after cutting my hair that short and swore I would never cut my hair again. I grew it out to the length that it is today. I was even too scared to trim my hair so you can imagine my split hairs (embarrassing)!ย  Well that’s about to change.ย I love my long hair and feel that it’s one thing I have going for me but the time has come to change it up a bit. And besides that, my hair is soooo damaged and broken off. I don’t even have a choice.

You can see how long my hair is even when it’s wet. It’s even longer when straightened. You can also see how it’s thinned out at the end because of the breakage.


I have been thinking what I’d like to do. What length? Which colour? Obviously I went straight to Google and a trend that really stood out for me was the Lob. What is a Lob you ask? Well a Lob is basically a Bob but a little longer. This is definitely doable. So I was thinking I’m gonna go with the lob and dye my hair a rich chocolate-brown with some highlights. What do you guys think?

Below are some of my favourite celeb inspired Lobs.


Khloe Kardashian Book Signing For "Strong Looks Better Naked"
I just love the blunt edge on this cut. It’s stunning


The bangs on this is so cute.


I love all of this. The cut and the colour. It’s so beautiful.

So I’m going to do the big chop. Do you guys think that this new cut will suit me? Should I just trim? Should I go shorter? Let me know in the comments section below.

Till Next Time

Hugs and Kisses



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