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July Haul

Hey Guys!

It’s haul time 🙂 I’ve decided that I will not do these haul posts every month as it will cost just too much. I’ve read about bloggers that admit that they just spend too much money wanting to keep up with the latest trends, following Instagram and just basically wanting things that they don’t really need. As much as I would love to go on shopping sprees every month, it just aint gonna happen. There are going to be months when I won’t buy any makeup or beauty related goods. I am used to this and have learned to sacrifice.

Soooo… that being said, it doesn’t mean that because I will not have a haul post every single month that I will skimp on the blog. I have enough up my sleeve to keep this baby up and running.

Let’s get to the real reason we’re here. This month I bought a few small goodies. I got 2 of the items I had on my July Wishlist. So I’m happy about that.

I didn’t manage to buy the gold makeup brush set from Best Beauty Buys, I did however get 2 new Essence brushes. One is an eyebrow brush and the other a concealer brush. These two brushes will come in handy when I’m doing my brow routine. I like the colour and print of the eyebrow brush but I do wish they could have used the same floral lacy pattern that they used on all the other brushes, that way they will all look like they all belong to the same set. I also picked up a no name slanted flat top kabuki brush that I got at a small shop in our area called Bling. I plan on using this to apply my liquid foundation.


You can see the kabuki brush was only R29 🙂

Next up is some eye goodies. The brow gel is from Essence and was on my wishlist. I’m excited to start using it as I’ve read good reviews. I saw this glitter eyeshadow at Bling and fell in love. I’ve seen makeup looks with glitter on the eyelid and it always looked out of this world so I got this just to play around. It only costed R19. Then I got these lashes. I’ve never ever worn falsies. I’m just too scared I apply it wrongly and end up with one lash hanging down the side of my eye when I’m having a conversation with someone lol!. So I decided to get this cheap lashes to practice before I spend money on a decent pair. These were only R7. Suuuuuper cheap.


The packaging on that eyeshadow is just too weird lol!

Then I got myself a Freeman Mask to try out. I’ve already used it, lol! I couldn’t wait. I will do a full review on it for you guys. I’ve always wanted to try these Essence Metal stripes out but my nails are such a hot mess right now! So I will give them some TLC first then do some nail looks on the blog.


Love this mask!


I also found a pair of ankle boots at Mr. Price which zips up fully 🙂 So happy about that. Unfortunately I didn’t get a jeans 😦 you all know about that disaster.

Sooo comfy!


And that’s it. It’s not much but it’s something. I can’t wait to try everything out, most of them are bargain buys which is basically the point of my blog. You can still look beautiful on a budget ladies and gents.

Till Next Time

Hugs and Kisses




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