August Wishlist

Hey Guys!

I hope you all are doing fabulous! The products that made it onto my list doesn’t necessarily mean that I will buy them but it let’s me keep track and curbs my spending on things that I didn’t really plan on getting. I’ll use my wishlist as my little virtual shopping list. If it ain’t on the list it ain’t going into the cart. Or so I hope.


I’m not too sure how much these go for but hopefully this is the month I actually find them in store.


First up I need to get a lip scrub. I’ve been searching for this Beauty Treats Sugar Lips Scrub for ages! For real! No lies! Whenever I go to Dischem I just never find it. The specific one I want is the peach scented one. Obviously. lol!


medias 22.90
Only R22.90 at Clicks.


Then I need lip balm. This one is from Labello and you obviously know which scent I want. This specific lip balm has a shimmer in it aswell. Available at Clicks or any local pharmacy or grocery store.

Only R180 at Cosmetics Distributors #inlove

I saw this pallete from I Heart Makeup on the Cosmetics Distributors website and immediately fell in love. This one is called the Chocolate Vice pallete. There is a Peach and Chocolate pallete as well but this is the one that really caught my eye.

Hopefully the new wallet will stay fuller for longer lol!

My wallet is completely disgusting. Seriously! I think carrying my money in a plastic packet will look better than the sorry excuse for a wallet I am using now. So I can’t put it off any longer. I saw this one on the Planet54 website. A fairly new online shopping store with awesome affordable deals. This mint wallet only costs R89. Cheap hey!

Something like this would be cute right?


Lastly I need a diary/daily planner. Having a full-time job, a blog, a sideline baking business and life in general can become confusing and I need to jot everything down so that I don’t forget important dates. I need to keep track of my blog posts, cake orders and also just to write down new ideas I have for the blog. At the moment I’m just using an old black hardcover book that cannot fit into my bag so getting a cool planner will really be beneficial.

That’s my wishlist for this month. I hope I manage to get more than one of the items here.

Till Next Time

Hugs and Kisses



3 thoughts on “August Wishlist

  1. Omg total super woman you are! I don’t know how you manage so much on top being a mum. I have a hard keeping up with school, my IG & blog hahaha. I’ve been wanting to get a palette from Makeup Revolution, they have one named Neutrals vs. Neutrals I think, and it’s so beautiful. I love peach scented products as well 😀
    Beauty On A Budget


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