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Weightloss Update

Hey Guys!

It’s that time again. I know that this post should have been up last week already but I didn’t want to spam you guys. So I’ll do last weeks weigh in today and then on Thursday I will have this weeks weigh in.

So just a recap… Last week or rather the week before I weighed in at 157.4kgs.

This week or rather last week I weighed in at 157.4Kgs.

I did not lose a single kilo. Not a single gram. HOWEVER! I did not pick up any weight so I’m glad about that. I am also not surprised at my progress or lack thereof.

I do know where I went wrong, there’s actually a few places I went wrong.

♥  Alcohol – We had a little family reunion  2 weekends ago and I over indulged on the alcohol. I behaved when it came to the snacks and food. Didn’t touch the chips and biscuits or mini hamburgers (pat on the back) but when it came to the booze I went overboard. The thing is this… I don’t drink often, I didn’t have work the next day and didn’t have to watch Pudding so I just went a lil cray cray. It isn’t an excuse though and I will watch my alcohol consumption. It is also said that drinking alcohol can halt weight-loss by up to a week. That’s pretty messed up.

♥ Socializing – When I go visit friends or family I tend to eat what is offered. I know I shouldn’t but it’s soooo hard. I really need to work a way around this.

♥ Water – I still struggle to drink my minimum required amount of water a day. On a good day I end on 1.5 litres. I just hate drinking water. I know how good it is for me but damn!

♥ Bad Planning – With work, looking after Pudding, public transport and just life in general it’s hard coming home in the evenings and having to cook a meal. Or getting up extra early to put in a proper breakfast. It’s very tiring and takes alot of work and at times I just didn’t feel like doing it and the result of this is eating the wrong foods.

I hope my next weigh in will have better results. Honestly I do not feel that positive. I am slipping up a lot lately. I really need to pull myself towards myself. I can’t give up. Keep fingers crossed for me.

Till Next Time

Hugs and Kisses





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