Weight Loss Update

Hey Guys!

So the last time I did a weight loss update I weighed in at 157.4kgs. Thursday I finally went ahead and just got on the scale.

I’m not gonna lie to you and say that I stuck to my diet. That I didn’t cheat. That I was just the perfect little banter because no I was not. I had a few slip ups. Felt despondent and just could not get motivated. There were days that I just felt like giving up. Just saying screw this and go buy myself a full house steak gatsby and just stuff my face.

Then on one of these days I was laying in bed, still feeling sorry for myself and I turned over and looked into the sleeping face of my angel. My Pudding. I thought to myself while staring at his sweet face, how could I not want to continue? How could I take the risk of eating myself into a coma and not ever seeing his face again?

That really put things into perspective for me again. I had to remind myself of all the reasons why I decided to start loosing weight in the first place.  I could not just give up and risk not living a full healthy life to see my boy grow up.

Sad story aside, I actually have some great news. I did my weigh in and I lost another kilo. I have officially reached my 10kg target. I now weigh 156.4kgs. I am 10.7kgs lighter 🙂 I feel absolutely great!!

1kg might not seem a lot to some but to me it is amazing. People are starting to notice some changes in me, not just physically but also emotionally. Clothes fit a little better. More energy. Better state of mind. More motivated. I am in a great space. I believe that this is my time. I want to be a better me.

So True!


I hope you are enjoying reading about my journey and maybe my story will motivate you to join me.


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Till Next Time

Hugs and Kisses



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