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30 Facts About Me

Hey Guys!

Yippee!! First blog post for 2018 and I am so stoked.

I hope everyone had a fantastic festive season. I’m sad to be back at work but I guess someones gotta make that paper. I loved every minute of my holiday, getting to wake up late (as late as Pudding would allow me to), spending time with my family, the beach, the outings with Pudding, the food, partying into the new year with my loved ones. It was just amazing. However, I can say that I did miss blogging so I’m really excited to be back.


I couldn’t decide what my first post should be about, should it be about makeup, goals for 2018, etc. After coming back online I did notice I had a couple of new followers and thought why not share some info about myself so you guys can get to know me better. I decided to do 30 facts because well, I’m 30 years old lol! Makes sense to me.

So without further ado let’s get to it!

1. My name is (can’t watch) Nadine Basilia Williams. As you can probably tell, I do not like my name, actually just my second name. My mom thought she was being cute by using my grandpa’s name (Basil) and creating a unique middle name for me. Well done Vanessa! It certainly is unique.

2. I am a single mom to a beautiful 4-year-old (soon to be 5-year-old) boy name Caden AKA Pudding. My world revolves around this little person. He has me wrapped around his finger.

My Pudding during one of our outings.

3. I only have one other sibling, a younger sister named Courtney. In her mind she believes she’s older lol!

My sister and I after Christmas lunch

4. I live with my parents. Yip! 30-year-old still leaving with mom and dad. Not ideal I know but honestly I don’t know how I would survive with Pudding on my own. My parents really helps me a lot when it comes to my son. I don’t have to stress about babysitters or who’s gonna look after him when he comes from crèche if I’m working a late shift. I am so grateful for their help. I take my hat off to those single mums doing it all on their own.

Moms and Pops

5. I do not have any pets. After my beloved Jack Russel Milo passed away, I cannot picture myself ever owning a pet again. The hurt I felt was too traumatising.

That ears though lol!

6. I ♥ Harry Potter. I have read each book about 4 times and I’ve lost count of how many times I have watched the movies. Binge watching all the movies on a rainy day is my idea of heaven.

7. I. Love. Halloween. The end.

No Comment lol!

8. I work as a Fraud Administrator at a financial company. It’s not as fancy as it sounds lol! Quite the opposite.

9. I consider myself a pretty good baker. I actually have a little sideline cake business called GlamCakes by Nadine. However, I very rarely bake for our household which annoys my family to the max.

One of my bakes.

10. I’m a plus sized, (very) full-figured gal.

At a wedding last year.

11. I’m a good cook. I make a mean lasagna.

12. I smoke occasionally. Lots of people asked my why I don’t just quit because majority of the time I just smoke one cigarette a day.

13. I take a drink now and then. Mostly on special occasions like Tuesdays. lol!

14. I hate if the middle of a tomato slice is hard, or the last bit of the tomato. I have actually sent my food back in restaurants if they give me the end part of the tomato. I really really really don’t like it.

15. Okay then. Halfway mark. I think I was a bit ambitious with 30 facts. Well here’s a fact that I’m not proud of. I do not have a driver’s licence.

16. I live in the lovely Cape Town, South Africa, where the sun is always shining causing 2 hours of makeup application to melt off in 15 mins.

17. I am quite shy when I’m around people.

18. I lived in New Zealand for 9 months with my aunt and uncle. It was truly one of the best experiences of my life. The flight was magical. It was the first time I ever travelled and I did it all alone, so scary but so exciting.

19. I just recently broke up with my boyfriend. It’s so damn complicated I don’t even know why I put it on this list.

20. I sometimes go into drugstores looking at makeup even though I know I don’t have money in my account to buy shit.

21. I am super lazy to do my hair. As in washing it, then drying it, then flat ironing it. I don’t even like going to a salon to do it. It’s just such a long process. It was an even longer process when my hair was long. So I chopped it all off and rock curls most of the time.

My go to hairstyle

22. I want to learn to do my own acrylics this year. My nails are so weak and have a kak shape.

23. I enjoy planning parties. I go all out. I’m already starting to plan Pudding’s birthday party which is in June. Remember…. Failing to plan is planning to fail!

Some of the goodies I made for my sisters babyshower.


24. I once met Danny Glover and Angela Bassett at church.

25. I’m addicted to Avon cosmetics. There isn’t one month when I do not buy something from them.

26. I love watching reality shows. Sundays are my days to watch all my reality shows. Some of my favourites are Real Housewives of Atlanta, Keeping Up With The Kardashians, WAGS, Braxton Family Values, etc.

27. I also love watching Come Dine With me. The narrator Dave Lamb is hilarious and I believe he makes the show.

28. I really really really really really want a septum piercing but I’m a wimp and my grandma will kill me lol!

29. I sometimes do a full face beat just for fun. I don’t even have to go out. I will do my makeup and sit in front of the tv watching reruns in mismatched pjs.

30. I love taking long hot bubble baths. Can’t take them anymore because Cape Town going through a hectic drought.

And that ladies and gentlemen is it! I hope you enjoyed getting to know me better.

Till Next Time

Hugs and Kisses



11 thoughts on “30 Facts About Me

  1. The part about your mom and dad had me smiling! our parents are such a blessing. I have same with my mom, she’s just a rock and always there. And I mean…I have a husband and a nanny…it takes a village!

    Baking…’re super talented!
    Smoking…just quit. It’s the right thing to do 😉
    Reality shows…my jam! Survivor, RHOBH and RHOOC are my faves…oh and RHONJ. And Big Brother.
    No. 29…we’re so opposite. I contemplate it and then I’m like…nah….what if I want to nap and then my makeup smears on my pillow?? lol.
    Sorry about the complicated relationship breakup thing…..

    Love this insight into your life.

    Liked by 1 person

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