2018 Goals

Hey Guys!

I am not really a new years resolution kind of gal but I’ve decided that this year should be a little different. None of these goals are very unrealistic and I’m hoping by 2019 that I could at least have ticked off a few of them.

Lots of people believe that one should never disclose what ones goals or plans are because you have those people with an evil eye, people who do not want to see you succeed. To a certain extent I do believe that but I also believe that putting things out there creates some motivation to prove the naysayers wrong if that makes sense. It kind of makes me want to work a little harder to prove that I can do it.

So I’m putting my goals out there and I’m going to work my ass off to accomplish them.


♥ Get my driver’s licence

This one is a must. I don’t even have a choice here. It’s loooooong over due.


♥ Lose 20 kgs

I have messed up big time when it comes to my diet and I am ready to start afresh. For this year I want to lose a minimum of 20kgs.


♥ Take better care of my skin

I really want to get into a set skin care routine and I actually want to stick to it. I do cleanse, tone, etc. but I don’t do it on a daily and I know for someone who wears more makeup than the average person that it’s absolutely necessary to take extra care.


♥ Learn to do my own acrylic nails

I really like having long nails but mine never grow too long before they start breaking off because they’re so weak. So this year I want to learn to do my own acrylics so that I don’t have to pay hundreds of rands to do them at a salon every time.


♥ Read more

I used to read so much when I was younger, one of my fondest memories was of my mom taking me to one of the biggest public libraries in Cape Town and then going to a park, laying on the grass and reading the books I picked out. Such happy and simple times. I plan on going to my local library or second-hand book shops to get myself some books.


♥ Exercise

Now I’m not ever going to be a gym bunny but I want to get off the couch more. So I will start off slow and see how it goes.


♥ Save money

I honestly suck at this. Saving money is so hard for me. I have family coming from overseas at the end of the year and there are lots of activities that we’re planning to do. I do not want to be the broke bitch stuck at home because I didn’t plan accordingly and save enough money.


♥ Grow my blog

By growing I don’t just mean in numbers but also in quality and quantity. I want to take better pictures, engage more on social media and just put out some great content for you guys.



And that’s it. Pretty attainable right? Right? I hope so… Overall I am just aiming to better myself and be happy, to be the best mom to my son and good daughter to my parents.

What are your some of your goals for 2018? Do you believe in setting goals and new years resolutions? Let me know in the comment section below. Please don’t forget to like, share, etc. I am having trouble with my Facebook page but you can go ahead and follow me on Instagram.


 **all images sourced from Google**

Till Next Time

Hugs and Kisses




6 thoughts on “2018 Goals

  1. You CAN do it girl. And we share some of the same goals, I see… 1. lose weight 2. save money and 3. grow my blog. ‘With Determination We Can Achieve Any Goal’. 🙂 Thank you for sharing.

    Liked by 1 person

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