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{Review} BeautyTreats Modern Matte

Hey Guys!

I was going through my past blog posts and taking notes of what I wanted to change or do differently and I noticed that I barely had any makeup related posts. What the!!



I love makeup especially budget friendly make up and I want to share more of that with you guys. This blog was created with that in mind anyways. Not everyone can afford high-end makeup. Damn! I can’t even bring myself to buy a R350 eyeshadow palette, I even hate paying for delivery. That’s how cheap I am.

I’ve been wanting to try the whole sunset/burnt orange/autumn trend for some time now and none of my other palettes had the right shades to achieve those specific looks. Then while taking my usual stroll through Dischem, promising myself that I’m just looking and will not under any circumstances buy any makeup (ya right!), I spotted this little baby. The red and orange shade looked so stunning. I had to get it lol!

♥ Packaging

Straight up I can tell you that I do not like the packaging. The pans are packed in black plastic and the lid is clear with the name written in silver. It also had one of those double ended spongey type brushes which I immediately got rid of. All in all it just looks cheap. Now just because I do not like the package doesn’t mean I dislike the actual eyeshadows. I also understand that if Beauty Treats had to make fancier packaging then the price would definitely be pushed up which in that case I will gladly accept the ugly packaging.


♥ Price

I paid R75 for this palette which works out to R6.25 a single eyeshadow. That’s a steal. You’d expect a real crappy product for such a low-cost but that was not the case at all.

♥ My Thoughts

Upon swatching the shades the first thing I noticed is that they were very soft which then caused quite a bit of kick up. Swirling my brush too hard would cause the shadow to go everywhere. This for me is not too much of an issue, I just worked carefully the next time I used it.


When I tell you this palette is pigmented I mean it. It’s pigmented as fuuurk! Especially the brighter shades. The lighter shades are a bit powdery and some barely showed up on the swatch but showed nicely once applied on the eyelids.


I first decided to do brush swatches but the colours didn’t really show up well that way. With the finger swatches it was much easier. Now you might say that my swatches then do not give a true reflection because I did finger swatches instead of brush swatches but I can tell you now that when applying the shades on your lids they really pack a punch. They are so intense, you definitely have to go in with a very light hand when using some of these shades.

I did find it weird that I didn’t experience a lot of fall out seeing that there is so much kick up, not that I’m complaining.

Below are the swatches I did and also two looks I created.


The light baby pink and grey shade in the first row was very light and I actually had to do about 3 layers for it to show up on my arm, they are however pigmented on the lid. The dark blue/navy blue shade is very intense and I needed to work with a light hand when applying.


This is my favourite row. I only have to do one swipe for the colour to show on my arm. You can immediately see how bright they are. The purple is a bit patchy but nothing to hectic. Once again, go in with a light hand.


This pink! My goodness! So bright and popping. The shade is super intense, almost like a neon/Barbie pink. I simply love it. The middle shade turned out to be more red than orange. The brown is a nice dark brick shade and makes for a nice smokey eye.


I don’t know what that cream shade is doing in this palette, it just doesn’t belong there. It’s really light and also very chalky. I don’t see myself using it. The dark green shade and black are both nice and pigmented, that black would make an intense smokey eye look.

Excuse the messed up wing. In this look I used the red, orange and brown shade.


With this look I used the baby pink, purple and neon pink.

Overall I’m pretty happy with this palette, the pro’s definitely outweigh  the cons. What I can say is that these Beauty Treats palettes are more for beginners. People that are used to using higher end makeup would probably not like it. For me it works perfectly fine and I look forward to creating more looks with it.

Beauty Treats products can be found at Dischem.

Have you tried any of the palettes from this brand? What do you think about them and did they work for you.

Till Next Time

Hugs and Kisses




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