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Weight-Loss Update

Hey Guys!

I haven’t done one of these in a long time, if you read my previous post then you’d know how far off my journey I’ve gone. But that’s in the past and I am very much back on track.

This was my first week back on the bant wagon and to say it was hard is a huge understatement. I had to have major willpower. It was my dads birthday and obviously there was cake and a whole lot of other food I’m not allowed. I also took my family on a trip to the swimming pools and if you know any other “cape coloured” you know that we go picnic with 2 or more coolerbags filled with food and then we still need to stop at the shops to get a few things we might have forgotten. Basically we take everything but the kitchen sink, needless to say the temptations were coming from all directions. I can gladly say that on both my dads birthday and the picnic that I did not give into them. It was hard, really hard. At times I even thought I might cry. Had I really become that bad that I wanted to cry for food. It’s quite a shock.

Well I’m happy that week 1 is done and dusted and I couldn’t wait to weigh myself this morning to see if I managed to shed a few.

Just a recap. My aim was to lose 20kgs by the end of the year. My starting weight was 162.2 kgs.

My current weight is now 159.3kgs. I lost 2.9kgs this week. I am a tiny bit disappointed because I expected to lose a bit more but 2.9kgs is not too bad.

I still have a long way to go till I reach my 20kgs but I’m staying positive.


Till Next Time

Hugs and Kisses


Goal Weight : 142.2kgs

Current Weight : 159.3kgs

Weight Lost : 2.9kgs

Weight to lose : 17.1kgs


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