Life Update

Hey Guys!
Well damn!! It’s been a hot minute!
You won’t believe how happy I am to be back to blogging. It honestly felt like a part of me was missing. I tried keeping active on my other social media platforms but it wasn’t the same. *insert very sad face* Well I’m back bitchaaaas!!!! Whoop Whoop!!!!!
I decided to do a bit of a life update so that you all can see where I’m at right now. I wont be doing this often because honestly my life aint that interesting.
First things first… My weight loss has been a big ass flop! I completely stopped my diet and fell into a major depression. My diet or rather lack of diet wasn’t the cause of my mental state but it was definitely a contribution. Things just got a little bit too much and I had a breakdown at work of all places.
I had issues with a fellow colleague which escalated. I had issues with transportation getting to work so I was always stressing about that.
I also started feeling overwhelmed with being a single parent. It just felt like I was constantly parenting, constantly adulting. I was just so tired and I felt so guilty for having these feelings. I mean, Pudding didn’t ask to be here, I was his only parent (the only one that cared anyway), I was supposed to be in control all the time. How could I not be strong enough for him? All these thoughts had a big impact on me.
Then my breakup. As much as I pretended that I was handling it okay I was just putting up a huge façade. I had to show people that I was strong, that I got this but boy was I wrong. The breakup had a much bigger impact on my life than what I cared to admit.
I was also dealing with my spirituality, something that I still need to make right. I know am not where God wants me to be.
Those were just some of the things that made me lose my shit. I literally lost control of my life. I am currently on medication and seeing a specialist. Happy days!
But with all that being said I am feeling much better than what I felt a couple of weeks ago. Thanks to God and to medication lol!
Other than the heavy stuff that’s been happening in my life I am still the same old Nadine. I am still loving my budget beauty and can’t wait to share what I’ve been up to with ya’ll.
Our entire family also went on a mini family vacation, and by entire family I mean all the aunts and uncles and cousins etc. the whole shebang! It was amazing! I will be telling you all about it in a blog post.
And last but not least I can finally say I have typed this post in the comfort of my bed with my brand new laptop. Yes baby! Nadez has finally left the stone ages. Lol! Now I can also attempt those fancy flatlays with the laptop, the cup of coffee and pretty day planner. lol!
You guys have no idea how freaking excited I am to be back and I have lots in store for you.
That’s it for now.
Till Next Time
Hugs and Kisses


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