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Pudding Goes To See The Dinosaurs

Hey Guys!
If you’ve been here since the beginning you will know that my very first post was about an outing that I took with my son. I know I haven’t posted much about my single parenting escapades but I plan on changing that. Hopefully I will be having more of these kinda posts up this year.
So upon browsing on Facebook I saw that Blueroute Mall was having a dinosaur expo and seeing that Blueroute is my go to mall it was just obvious that I was going to take my boy. Pudding isn’t necessarily obsessed with dinosaurs but I thought it would be a nice experience for him.I invited my sister and nephew along as the kids do almost everything together.

Firstly! It costed R75 for adults and R60 for kids. Really! My nephew is 2 years old and in my opinion I think that 60 bucks is waaaay to expensive for that tiny human.
Next the whole expo was in the underground parking. Huh! So we have little kids playing in an underground parking filled with exhaust fumes but ok.
So we got there, paid and went inside. If your child is afraid of the dark and loud noises then I don’t think it would be a good idea for you to go. Joshua started crying the minute we stepped in. The dinos moved and made sounds and he was scared, I felt so bad. Pudding however enjoyed himself. He was a bit nervous when we stepped in at first but he quickly got used to it and was running around and posing for photos soon.
The dinosaurs were pretty spectacular. The movements looked natural and the sounds were great. The set up was also cool, the dinos were surrounded by plants and waterfalls. I loved it. The expo was also very educational as they gave lots of info on each dinosaur.
Besides the augmented dinos there were also some other activities for the kids. There were dinosaur rides which you need to pay for by the way. There was a jumping castle (the only thing that Josh enjoyed). There was also a small cinema set up where they showed dinosaur doccies. There were face paintings which you also had to pay for. A tablet station where the kids could play games. You could also purchase some souvenirs if you wanted.
All in all Pudding really enjoyed himself and I’m glad that I could take him. However! For that price it was not worth it. I felt bad that my sis had to dish out a R135 and Josh only played on the jumping castle. Maybe they could give a reduced price for toddlers to only make use of the play area.
So if you plan on going then take into consideration everything that I’ve mentioned. If your kid is super into dinosaurs then they will absolutely love this.

The DinosAlive expo will be at Blueroute Mall up until the 3rd of June.
Till Next Time
Hugs and Kisses



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