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Family…. Where life begins and love never ends

Hey Guys!

Long time no see hey… It feels like I’ve been making a lot of excuses for my scarcity. Once again I’m sorry.

This post is actually going to be very hard for me to put into words because I was planning to publish it way before the passing of a very dear family member 😦

In February we got the news that my aunt was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. She was feeling a bit ill for a couple of weeks and the doctors could not really tell her what was wrong until family and friends intervened and forced her to go to hospital to get some answers (you sometimes have to wonder where normal general practitioners got their qualifications). Long story short she was diagnosed with cancer. It was a huge shock to us all. Don’t things like this only happen in the movies??

My aunt’s health was deteriorating very fast, there wasn’t much the doctors could do for her and she decided against chemo. She had one request though and that was that the entire family go on a little weekend away. Everyone immediately agreed and my sister went about looking for accommodation for more than 30 people at short notice. The only place she could find for so many people was at Club Mykonos in Langebaan. No one thought twice, leave was booked and sleeping and travelling arrangements were put in place.

Langebaan is about 2 hours drive and we all arrived more or less the same time. Club Mykonos Resort is set along the coast and they have done a fantastic job of replicating the actual Mykonos in Greece. The resort is literally on the white sandy beach. The views are stunning. It is just a perfect little paradise. They also offer a multitude of activities. They have about a million pools scattered around the resort (exaggeration much lol!) as well as an indoor heated pool, they have a casino, gym, spa, conference centre to name a few. There is something for everyone. I’m not going into more detail but if you want to check it then give the website a visit over here.

But this weekend was not just about having a regular family vacay. There was a deeper meaning to it. As much as we all were having a blast there was an underlining sadness in everyone to know that this will probably be the last time our aunt would go with us on a family holiday with us. You see, my aunt’s health was deteriorating extremely fast and she was now in a wheelchair. She could only sit and stare at us but we knew that she was happy. This was what she wanted, her entire family together in one place. This weekend brought a lot of us closer, it mended a few family wounds that went on for years. Yes we were sad but this holiday was much-needed to bring our family closer once again.

My aunt has since passed away and she will forever be missed, what she has done for our family by requesting this holiday was the best idea ever. Family means so much to me. Yes there will always be tiffs and disagreements but which family doesn’t go through that, it’s all about understanding one another’s differences and accepting it. Accepting that we won’t always see eye to eye but when it comes down to it, we are always there for each other no matter what.

To my dearest aunty Norma, I will always love and miss you. I know that you’re in a better place and free from all the pain and suffering. Rest in peace my aunty.

Below you can see some of the pics that were taken.

Till next Time Guys

Hugs and Kisses



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