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Hey Guys!

Welcome to my very first empties post. When I read other blogs I especially like to see the empties. What worked and what didn’t work. So I decided to keep some of my empty products and share with you guys if I loved or loathed it.

So let’s start shall we!

First up we have hair products. Since deciding to go natural and to use as little chemicals and harsh products on my hair I’ve been on the hunt for good but most importantly affordable natural hair products. Aunt Jackies products has really been amazing. The leave in conditioner and Curl Custard works wonders and has really helped me on my natural hair journey.


Would I repurchase? Absolutely!

Then onto some makeup and beauty goodies.

The Garnier Micellar Water is an absolute holy grail. I’ve tried the blue one too but I prefer the pink. The water removes makeup so easily and is especially good for those lazy days when I’m not in the mood to do the whole facial routine.

Would I repurchase? Yip! although I do want to give the yellow one a try.

I bought the Clicks Skin Essentials Facial Wipes because it was cheap and cheap they were. In price and in quality. These were horrible. I did not like them at all. They had too little moisture and stretched and rolled up when I used them. And also, they really do not removed make up that well. At all!

Would I repurchase? Hell no!

These Avon and Essence mascaras were some of the first I used and at the time I really liked them. The Avon Super Lengthening Mascara was also featured in a favourites post I did. The Essence Multi Action Volume Mascara was also ok but then I discovered Lash Princess and never looked back.

Would I repurchase? No I don’t think so. I love what I’m using right now.

The LA Girl Mark My Eyes Long Lasting Extreme Bold Eyeliner was the product I used to start practicing my winged liner. It is just like a big koki pen which made it super easy to control. It did dry up real quick though so that was sad.

Would I repurchase? No I wouldn’t. Not that the product sucks. It’s just that I prefer using liquid now and also using a finer tip.


Lastly some body products.

First up we have The Body Shop Early Harvest Raspberry Softening Body Butter. I love this stuff. I wont say much on it because you can read a full review over here.

Would I repurchase? Hell yeah!

The Avon Ultra Sexy Pink Body Souffle was a disappointment. If you’re going to call something a soufflé then I expect it to be soufflé ish. This was just a normal body lotion with a slight shimmer to it.

Would I repurchase? Nope.

Then lastly we have another Avon product. The Avon Scent Essence in Vibrant Fruity. I love fruity scents so I was obviously gonna get this. The smell is super fresh and slightly sweet which is great. It also lasts quite a bit. This is awesome for everyday because it ain’t pricy at all.

Would I repurchase? Already did.


And that’s it!

Did you guys enjoy this post?

Should I do more of these?

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Till Next Time

Hugs and Kisses



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