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{Review} Labello Vanilla Buttercream

Hey Guys! How are you all doing? I am feeling quite depressed today 😞. Like I said in a previous post, I do not own a PC or laptop at home so I basically type my posts on my work PC during Ku breaks. However, they've decided to block WordPress and a few other sites… Continue reading {Review} Labello Vanilla Buttercream

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Liebster Award

Hey Guys! I've been nominated for the Liebster award by the sweet Leniq 🙂 I just love her name! Leniq is so unique! (see what I did there? hehehe) Thank you so much Leniq! I am so honoured and excited 🙂 I love reading these kinds of posts and hope y'all will enjoy mine. Please go… Continue reading Liebster Award

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January Favourites

Hey Guys! Hope you all are doing fabulous! I'm soooo glad that JanuWorry is finally over. I'm well and truly back into the swing of things and I'm looking forward to what February has in store for me. I'm excited to be sharing my first favourites post for the new year. I had a real… Continue reading January Favourites

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{Review} BeautyTreats Modern Matte

Hey Guys! I was going through my past blog posts and taking notes of what I wanted to change or do differently and I noticed that I barely had any makeup related posts. What the!!   I love makeup especially budget friendly make up and I want to share more of that with you guys. This blog… Continue reading {Review} BeautyTreats Modern Matte

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{Review} Montagne Jeunesse Dead Sea Sheet Masque

Hey Guys! How are you all doing on this beautiful but scorching hot day. I wanted to do a full face beat today but I know I will sweat it all off in seconds. Cape Town is literally burning, I came from the mall in the week and I spotted 4 fires! It's insane! We… Continue reading {Review} Montagne Jeunesse Dead Sea Sheet Masque

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30 Facts About Me

Hey Guys! Yippee!! First blog post for 2018 and I am so stoked. I hope everyone had a fantastic festive season. I'm sad to be back at work but I guess someones gotta make that paper. I loved every minute of my holiday, getting to wake up late (as late as Pudding would allow me to), spending… Continue reading 30 Facts About Me

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Christmas Wishlist

Hey Guys! It's that time of the year where all you see is people posting their Christmas wishlists and gift guides so I though why not join in and share my Christmas wishlist. I'm sending prayers up to the heavens and to Santa that these gifts will magically appear under the Christmas tree lol! ♥… Continue reading Christmas Wishlist

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October/November Haul

Hey Guys! It's been a hot minute since I posted over here, I do apologise. I have been working hours and hours overtime, I haven't been feeling well physically and mentally and life just became a bit too hectic. I am back now and will be posting some content for you guys up until I… Continue reading October/November Haul

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Gifts from The Land of the Long White Cloud

Hey Guys! I hope you all are doing fabulous today. A couple of weeks ago I received a generous gift from my favourite aunt in New Zealand. One of her friends came to visit South Africa and she sent me a parcel. This aunt of mine really is one of my best friends and i… Continue reading Gifts from The Land of the Long White Cloud


{Review} UBU Smokey Eye Brush Kit

Hey Guys! The way I got these brushes is actually quite funny. Myself and my sister and also my mom and grandma decided on taking a drive to a mall that we don't usually go to. We just needed to get a few things and we also wanted to do lunch because it's not always… Continue reading {Review} UBU Smokey Eye Brush Kit