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Hey Guys! Welcome to my very first empties post. When I read other blogs I especially like to see the empties. What worked and what didn't work. So I decided to keep some of my empty products and share with you guys if I loved or loathed it. So let's start shall we! First up… Continue reading Empties

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Imperfectly Perfect Event

Hey Guys! On the 1st of September I attended an event called Imperfectly Perfect which was hosted by a group on Facebook called Differently Beautiful. I was asked to be one of the guest speakers at the event.... yes guys... lil ol' me! The event was all about celebrating women of all shapes and sizes… Continue reading Imperfectly Perfect Event

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Weight-Loss Update

Hey Guys! Just a quick weight-loss update for y'all. This week I lost a total of 500grams. I know it's not a lot but it's something. I really need to relook at my menu, my portion sizes, etc to see what's stalling my weight-loss. Nevertheless I am proud of myself for every little bit of… Continue reading Weight-Loss Update

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Weight-Loss Update

Hey Guys! I haven't done one of these in a long time, if you read my previous post then you'd know how far off my journey I've gone. But that's in the past and I am very much back on track. This was my first week back on the bant wagon and to say it… Continue reading Weight-Loss Update

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I’ve Failed

Hey Guys! This is a really hard post to write. It actually embarrasses me that I even have to write it. When I initially started this blog I was going to focus on budget friendly beauty and also a bit of my life as a single parent. Over time it has developed to mostly beauty… Continue reading I’ve Failed


2018 Goals

Hey Guys! I am not really a new years resolution kind of gal but I've decided that this year should be a little different. None of these goals are very unrealistic and I'm hoping by 2019 that I could at least have ticked off a few of them. Lots of people believe that one should… Continue reading 2018 Goals

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October/November Haul

Hey Guys! It's been a hot minute since I posted over here, I do apologise. I have been working hours and hours overtime, I haven't been feeling well physically and mentally and life just became a bit too hectic. I am back now and will be posting some content for you guys up until I… Continue reading October/November Haul

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{Review} Lush Refresher Shower Jelly

Hey Guys! As you know I recently went on my first trip to Lush and my mind was completely blown! I plan on going back real soon because I feel that I didn't see enough. Besides my mind being blown to smithereens I picked up the Refresher Shower Jelly. A citrusy jelly that just invades all your… Continue reading {Review} Lush Refresher Shower Jelly

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September Favourites

Hey Guys! Today I'd like to share some of my favourites for the month of September. The list isn't long but these are the products that I've been reaching for a lot, most of them are oldies but goodies. You will also notice that my list is 99% Avon lol! I can't help that I love the brand so… Continue reading September Favourites


My First Lush Experience

Hey Guys! To say I was excited to step into this store is a major understatement. I have wanted to try Lush products for the longest time. I know I am extremely late to the party but hey! Better late than never. My trip to Lush was not planned it just happened. Where I live… Continue reading My First Lush Experience